Thursday, August 20, 2009

just don't touch me, amigo (FringeNYC)

By Ben

BOTTOM LINE: An awesome solo show...funny, sharp and downright edgy at times.

This show was fantastic. Now it's possible one might think that solo shows at the Fringe are to be avoided like the plague. But this one sounded intriguing. It's billed as “a comedy about a foreigner who just doesn’t get that his loneliness is such a turn off.” Wow, I’m glad I went.

Fernando Gamborani has incredible charisma and depth in his character driven story. He takes you on a hilarious ride through the metamorphosis of a foreigner from South America coming to New York with naïve ambitions that are damn funny when put on stage and expressed so innocently. What happens as this character evolves and interacts with other New Yorkers is hilarious; it exposes some biting truths.

Scenes that seem typical at first go much deeper to make you laugh at how fickle people can be in this city, especially when it comes to how we treat each other. Dates, job interviews, run-ins at a coffee shops: we have these interactions where we judge one another so quickly. It’s a treat to watching Gamborani play both sides so brilliantly. My personal favorite scene was when his character goes in for a job interview and takes on corporate culture.

The show moves fairly quickly without losing your attention and wraps up in a fairly decent time before you get bored. It’s an example of a good solo show and I do recommend it highly to anyone who wants to check it out.

(just don't touch me, amigo plays at Manhattan Theatre Source, 177 MacDougal between 8th and Waverly Place. Performances are Saturday 8/22 at 9:15pm, Wednesday 8/26 at 3pm and Thursday 8/27 at 9:30pm. Tickets are $15. For more show info visit justdon' and for more FringeNYC info visit


Aaron Riccio said...

Why would anyone think that solo shows at the Fringe are to be avoided like the plague? (Any more than regular shows at the Fringe.) If you were impressed by this, I recommend checking out another Fringe solo: "Remission."

ben said...

RE: Avoiding solo shows like the plague.

We've all been bit by bad solo shows in the Fringe and off-off-off Broadway. Many a times a solo show only is something that is self indulgent and lacks any polish. With it being the Fringe, there is always extra fear that you'll find a dud since it's so unknown.

I'm excited to hear that so many shows this year at the Fringe have been gaining positive reviews. It's encouraging for the theater community and audiences to know that a lot of solid talent is out there. Thanks for the tip on "Remission" if I have a chance to catch it, I will!

molly said...

Editor's note: Ben's personal feelings about solo shows do not reflect the opinions of Theatre Is Easy.