Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Brick Theater's Antidepressant Festival

The Brick Theater in Williamsburg, Brooklyn kicked off its month long Antidepressent Festival last week. All performances are at The Brick, 575 Metropolitan Avenue between Union and Lorimer. For show descriptions visit Here is the line-up for the festival...

Adventure Quest
June 6 at 5:30pm, June 17 at 8pm, June 25 at 7pm, July 4 at 5pm

Afternoon Playland
June 6 at 11pm and June 21 at 5:30pm

…and the fear cracked open.
June 10 at 8pm, June 18 at 9:30pm, June 21 at 8pm and June 27 at 8pm

Big Girls Club (The Happy Dance Dance Princess Show)
June 7 at 8pm, June 12 at 8pm, June 23 at 8pm and July 4 at 2pm

Booze, Sports and Romance
June 14 at 5pm and June 20 at 10pm

Cabaret Terrarium
One Night Only: June 14 at 7pm

Exit, Pursued by Bears
June 14 at 2pm, June 19 at 7:30pm, June 21 at 2pm and July 1 at 7:30pm

Glee Club
June 7 at 2pm, June 12 at 10pm, June 20 at 5pm and June 28 at 3pm

How to Fight Depression When You Don’t Even Know its Symptoms
June 11 at 9:30pm and June 13 at 5:30pm

Infectious Opportunity
June 7 at 5pm, June 9 at 8pm, July 1 and July 3

Le Mirage
June 13 at 7pm, June 20 at 7pm and June 24 at 7:30pm

Red Rover
June 20 at 2pm

Samuel and Alasdair: A Personal History of the Robot War
June 6 at 5:30pm, June 27 a 2pm, June 28 at 7pm and July 2 at 7:30pm

Schaden, Freude and You: A 3 Clown Seminar
June 26 at 7pm and June 27 at 10pm

Suspicious Package: Rx
June 13 at 3pm, June 14 at 4pm, June 20 at 4pm, June 21 at 4pm, June 27 at 4pm and June 28 at 3pm

The Tale of the Good Whistleblower of Chaillot’s Caucasian Mother and Her Other Children of a Lesser Marriage Chalk Circle
June 6 at 3pm, June 16 at 8pm, June 19 at 9:30pm and June 25 at 9:30pm

WILM 690: Pirate Radio
June 11 at 7:30pm and June 13 at 3pm

Your Lithopedion
June 13 at 9pm, June 18 at 9:30pm, June 26 at 9:30pm and June 30 at 8pm

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