Saturday, February 28, 2009

Frigid Festival

The Frigid Festival is underway...check out new works off-off-Broadway with the festival's 2009 offerings. Summer theatre festivals abound in this city, but Frigid proffers their line-up months earlier. And why not check out some new plays now? With recession-friendly pricing and the weather still feeling...well...frigid...take yourself downtown for some entertainment. Le-Anne is! She will provide coverage of the 2009 Frigid Festival for Theatre Is Easy. Performances run through March 8th so check back for her reviews. And for the full Frigid Festival schedule visit

Here's what Le-Anne has to say about the Frigid Festival...

BOTTOM LINE: The Frigid festival is a great grassroots, minimalist, no-restrictions, freedom-for-the-artist event. It's not mainstream or commercial.

If you get the chance, you should definitely check out the Frigid Festival. Make an all-day excursion out of it, or just catch a quick show, (every show in the festival is an hour or shorter). Whatever you choose to do, show your support and have some fun in a uniquely, downtown, New York kind of way.

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