Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Creena Defoouie (The Studio at Cherry Lane)

BOTTOM LINE: silly, weird, British
British humor prevails in this 2-person play with music. It waivers between brilliant and random-as-hell, but it's overall a great hour of live entertainment.

Straight from England, the Ruby Bloomsbury Theatre presents what they call "Ab Fab meets Addams Family by way of Rocky Horror." I'll agree with the Ab Fab part...it's consistent silly, dry banter between Creena Defoouie (Charlotte Barton-Hoare who also wrote the play) and Superintendent Hardon/Kenny Buckwald (James Hoare). I'll also agree that it's Rocky Horror-esque...there is a playful and sex-driven undertone (which becomes more apparent in certain scenes, i.e. the green dildo swordfight). I'm less sure of the Addams Family reference, but I'll let it slide.

Creena Defoouie is a counselor at a mental hospital and she finds herself intertwined in a murder mystery investigated by Superintendant Hardon. It's hard to explain much more than that but suffice to say, through comedy, musical numbers (Hoare on acoustic guitar) and a silly back-and-forth between Creena and the others, Creena Defoouie is a mighty entertaining show.

To quote the most appropriate comment I've read regarding this performance, "if crazy were crack, Creena would be the best buzz available" (Hamilton Spectator). Agreed. This play (albiet bizarre) works incredibly well, in part because the script is cohesive and the plot moves, and also because the performances are fantastic. Both actors have a knack for comedic timing and they interact brilliantly with one another in the space. It's first-rate funny randomness with a darker, snarkier tone...and it's pretty great. Check it out while you still can!
Creena Defoouie plays at the Studio at Cherry Lane, 38 Commerce St. between Bedford and Barrow. Show times: Wednesday, August 20th at 9:30pm; Saturday, August 23rd at 3pm. For more info and tickets visit creena-defoouie.co.uk or fringenyc.org.

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