Saturday, June 14, 2008

Theatre Is Easy's Tony Predictions Addendum

And the Tony Award for best cast without a decent play goes to…Cry-Baby.
By: Shlomomio

It is incredibly frustrating to see so much talent on a big Broadway stage with large sets, detailed costumes and a finely tuned orchestra, all trapped in a clunker like Cry-Baby. I didn’t care about anything, there was no tension, there was no suspense, there were no surprises, I don’t think there is one decent song, I was not moved, it was not funny. There was some kick ass choreography (seriously, it was awesome), but if that was the only thing I was looking for, I’d go the ballet. Musical theatre is supposed to be about the fusion of many disciplines and that is why the potential to be thrilled out of your socks exists. And when something like Cry-Baby happens it is annoying. The kids up on that stage were working their asses off, all in great voice and in great shape, but I felt like I was at an ATM trying to withdraw money from an account that was closed. So I am sure the attractive and enormously talented cast of Cry-Baby would like to thank their agents and managers and such. You know, all their “people.” Everyone except the creative team behind this show. They deserve better. And so do we.

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