Monday, October 22, 2007

Young Frankenstein (Hilton Theatre)

BOTTOM LINE: It's just what you'd expect but you'll still think it's brilliant. Big budgets, cheap laughs, the finest schtick around.

Young Frankenstein has so many special effects and cool technical aspects it makes The Producers look like sock puppets in a kid's bedroom. I can't image what this budget was but I'm sure it will make it all back plus a whole lot more because this is definitely going to be the hot ticket this year (ok, next year too). The sets are fantastic and they actually use video played on the backdrop in a lot of the scenes (brilliant and visually interesting, it gives it more depth). They've done a great job of maintaining the visual integrity of a movie's story-telling, every set/scene feels full; every space is utilized comfortably and appropriately, nothing ever feels visually incomplete.

If you didn't like The Producers you're probably not going to like Young's the same thing...actually, i think some of the music and choreography is exactly the same. We're talking same writers, same director, same production team, even some of the same actors. It's gawdy and over the top, with x-rated jokes and obvious punchlines, and really showy costumes and sets. But it also maintains the same exceptional acting and singing with definitely the best cast I've seen in a really long time.

I have to be honest, Act I wasn't totally doing it for me. I love the movie Young Frankenstein and this staged version felt way too contrived at first. From a story-telling standpoint, I was having difficulty finding a character I cared about in a mess of pyrotechnics and production numbers. But by Act II I was sold...I loved everyone. I cared about everything that happened because I couldn't get enough of the cast; the performances are really exceptional. Megan Mullally may have been amazing on Will and Grace but the girl really deserves to be doing musical theatre...who knew she could sing like that? I'm glad her talk show didn't work out, this is a much better career path.

If you can get a ticket, see this show, even if it's just so you can say that you did. Check out the $25 ticket lottery before the show (every performance except Saturday nights, 3 hours before the show begins at the Hilton Theatre).

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